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railconnection.comRail Connect-Europe
Get exactly the rail pass you need. You get your best price options by buying prior to departure.

The cheapest, most fun way to travel in Europe!
 RailEurope  U.S. residents only
Wide options selection || plus one of the most popular timetables for trains in Europe as well.


Lots of Links


Mass Transit
Ride on masstransit systems of 120 cities worldwide

The Subway page

Transit systems worldwide ( Resources) 
more great maps

North American Light Rail

Link directory for European charter companies and more  USA 800-231-2222 
Excellent fare and schedule information, including Ameripasses.

Taxis, Shuttles & Limos 
Order a Limousine including Airport pick up for North America & Canada.
   "Besides its unprecedented reach... LimoLink also offers choice and competition."           -Forbes July 24th, 2000

International Ferries by
Links to link lists
USA Ferries by


Yield management or dynamic pricing is widespread. This means quoted rates and special offers are constantly changing. If you don't like the price quoted check later or another location for a different price 
Less than 25 years old? Try airport outlets, also Alamo & Dollar are not as tough as others Insurance: The daily insurance offered by the rental is generally limited and too expensive. Make sure your own insurance covers liability and injuries. Check your favorite credit card to see if it offers the collision damage the rental agencies like to push 
Rental Rate Roulette by Ed Perkins


This engine is powered by TSI's AutoChoice the #1 car booker for Europe. Very easy to get what your after at the best price but you need your destination's airport code

 Car Rental l l Book a Room l l Air Ticket l lAmadeus CRS) Pays to shop till you get your price and this is your best place to begin. Simple different days and different search engines 

Car Rental by TravelNow 
Search by price or vehicle against 20 rental car companies
 Find a rider or driver for your trip & lots of roadside info

Trip Plannner by
Fastest route with extra planning tools Etak maps for USA

USA Speedtraps at
Searchable by state for with tips on where the authorities are hiding out
Rent an RV or motorcycle

AAA research driver behavior|

International Driver's License 
Driver's licenses to people intending to travel internationally


 [F] New about Cruise Lines Web site directory
 [F] Directory of Cruise Lines 
Browse over 50 cruise lines web sites (800 number directory too) & 
If you've got the time they've got space in an outside cabin

  Maps  & Directions Highway Trip Planner USA
Avis Maps and Directions
Excite Map Services
Maps and Driving Directions
Maps for Business Travel
National Scenic Byways USA

Driving Distances
Driving Distances
How Far Is It?

  Transit Links
  WWW Virtual Library Activism || Air Travel  || Associations  || Cycling  || Government  || Mass Transit  || Miscellaneous  || Other Libraries  || Rail  || Research  || Road Conditions  || Space  || Water  || 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Here's their checklist :

1. Carefully follow the information for your Destination
2.Begin the Vaccinations process early. 
3. Find a Travel Clinic for immunizations. 
4.Plan ahead if you are Traveling with Children or have any
other Special Needs
5.Learn about Safe Food and Water, Insect Protection,
Making Travel Safe, and other precautions. 
6.Prepare for Medical Emergencies and for Nonmedical
Emergencies , such as crime and natural disasters. ||
Many excellent quick discussion by MD's

Easy to digest data for all your pre-travel questions about health risks.

  Destination Alerts

HTH || Airline Smoking Policies || Drug Translation Guide specific country info


Traveller's Medical & Vaccination Centre, || || Alerts
The Travel Doctor Group TMVC is connected to a global network of centres which constantly monitor potential international health risks 
Check for Travel warning from the US State Department Also find info on transportation regulations, drug and weapons laws, entry and exit requirements, medical conditions and crime conditions


MCW International Travelers Clinic 
Nice list of hazards and insight to know from Southeast Wisconsin MDs nudity warning
mostly about condoms including how to quick-time video

Some pages on the Malaria Foundation are a bit doctor-speak,

Armchair World - it's all about Blood Transfusion Guidelines for International travellers.High Altitude Medicine Guide || Altitude Sickness at
Most people can go up to 8,000 feet (2,438 meters) with minimal effect before the lack of oxygen can effect you

simple medical kit  at British Airways Travel Health Clinic

  Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel

Paperback - 176 pages (April 1, 2001)
Chronicle Books; ISBN: 0811831310 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.51 x 7.10 x 5.07
Amazon's Best Selling Travel book


Doctor Travel's Cure For The Common Trip by Michelle E. Hove, 
10 5 star reviews by readers

  Safety / Scams / Rights

Crime & Hassle
Good reminders In short don't look like a tourist but don't be paranoid 

Travel Scams by Ed Perkins || More Popular Travel Scams || More
Wondering about that free vacation you won recently 

Judicial Assistance
from the U.S. State Department the basics of law in foreign countries as well as what foreign consulates can do for you


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