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Restaurant Guides
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100's of cities with thousands of restaurants complete with mega reviews in their rather slow database

Over 20,000 restaurants mostly USA but growing international presence including  |
London ,Paris, Tokyo, Toronto & Vancouver
Dine 4 Less 
Online printable restaurant coupons & specials, recipes and dining cams. US & Canada. Lots of chain info

 [F] Food & Drink  
then again perhaps a new recipe would inspire some cooking

  Events  What To Do  
    [F] FESTIVALS Search for you next Fun Events 
 [F] CALENDAR Links 

 whatsonwhen logo     WhatsOnWhen.com 


Huge data base with event web site links


CultureFinder.com   culturefinder.com/ Search the USA  for theater, music, opera, dance and visual arts events and buy tickets

The most comprehensive guide to North American music festivals, listing details for more than 1300 events in the U.S. and Canada

Very impressive database for music performed throughout the world

A fantasy world


  International Council of Air Shows 
Over 150 in USA alone mostly in  summer 

 historytravel.com ||  Search 
Featuring 250 Historic Festivals by George Cantor.


Openseats | Your Local Ticket Exchange  OpenSeats-Ticket Exchange 
Buy On-Line Not in the Streets Nearly 50 ticket exchanges for buyers & sellers in the US & Canada 


1onthefloor.com (USA only ) Limited selection Venue look-up tool 
  Adventure Outdoors 
   [F] Adventure & Cultural TOURS s
 Check here for what's new and several search engines

Great Outdoor Recreation pages || Forums || |

  Great place to start and end with some outside links. Very comprehensive and easy to search. Busy informative forums

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Boating:  PortsofCall.com
Great Web Guide to Boating options

Navigate the adds to the content


Click here to save at golfgolfcourse.com ||The site with real links!  
great database with all the answers for where ever your heading with your clubs
  100 courses by golfweb.com


A photographic journey USA & Canada

  Mountain BikingMountain Biking 

The Internet's mountain bike park, a very informed comprehensive link guide based in San Francisco Bay Area at Standford.edu


clickable map for USA some International Events
Explore Sacred Sites and Ancient Civilizations




NPS.gov || Site Map  || Search 
National Park Service If your looking for park information jump right to the search engine which reveals a massive amounts of pages on the USA's natural majesty 


TrailsandGreenways.org || RailTrails.org || MillenniumTrails.org like  Anza's California Trail || Enhancements.org 
 "honor the past and imagine the future" on the growing network of historic trails from reclaimed railroad right of ways Take advantage of the huge expansion in these very accessible USA trails 


Skiershop | RSN |  | Ski TownGo Ski Alpine Zone | Snow Links | Ski Net | Peaks || Bergiesbest | | Helicopter CO | On The Snow Mountain Reports | Ski Cams | Break Through | Back Country | SnowReport.com || skicentral.com || aminews.com || iski.com || rsn.com || skimaps.com 
No shortage of well done comprehensive sites for weekend sports
  Also try Ski & Mountain Resorts at Places to Stay for the right spot to hang your gear


Reviews tennis camps and resorts and forum

Theme parks by about.com

Theme & Amusement parks by 123world.com 
Links directly to site Alpha sorted only 


FITNESS Gym Closest To You | Golds Gym | 24 Hour | Bally's | Hotel Finder || Fitness Online | Fit For Biz | The Yard | YMCA | World Pass
T.V. Guide | Make Paper Airplanes || Calculate Number of Days Too.... ||  Games || Travel Horoscope | Phone Spell

TV listings anywhere in the US using zip codes

World Television Guide
There are 3 old standards and new digital ones coming

MovieFone.com || Movie Reviews at film.com
Watch the trailers then search for the theatre closest to you and buy the ticket all on line uses USA zip codes
Showtimes & Theaters
  by movies.yahoo.com


10,000 Museum Links 
Organized by City Name just the URL. In Dutch too


World  Wide  Arts  Resourceshttp://wwar.com/museums.html 
More sophisticated but less friendly interface 
Transit Museums by routesInternational.com


Railroad Museums/Tours(A-M) || Railroad Museums/Tours (M-Z)

  Meeting Planning  

 [F] aForum's International Trade 
Most believe you need to trust who you do business with and that is not possible until you meet them in person. what better way to get to know someone than attending a cultural event ...like a 


 [F] Trade Show Search Engine & Links in 


Hotels & facility guide for meetingsFeaturing 10,000 hotels & properties worldwide. Find and secure the perfect location for your event. Check out reviews, discounts & destinations.


Major Event Productions, Inc. 
With a comprehensive worldwide network, MEP Produces Tours, Concerts, Festivals,....  Also Providing Pro Sound, Lights, Staging, Tents, Tables, Chairs


The BellWether Group  from the Bell weather Group


Cultural-events Consulting International a new way to create international promotions for business and tourism


TimeDance to plan your next event!
"the fun, free way to get everyone together"


www.kinkos.com || Store locator
Over 850 IN USA & expanding globally(8) Videoconferencing, internet access, service bureau, printing, & 24/7 hours really help


Get your report in meeting participants hands the day before your plane arrives 

   Camera & Video  

 [F] Video

 [F] Photography

  Mobile TelephoneYou need a GSM phone (tri-network is best) to go global using local networks. Only a few North American networks can handle this so it is not likely your phone will work overseas. To avoid $3 per minute plus rates get a SIM card (must be purchased for each country usually there and changes phone numbers with use but close to pay phone rates) 
Rent Express  Try AOL FREE!  500 Hours




"Bring comfortable, easy-to-clean clothes. Black hides dirt but also absorbs heat. Artificial fabrics don't breathe and will make you grimier than you'd ever thought possible, so go with light cotton instead"
m Supplies  


Magellan's Travel SuppliesClick here to visit Magellans.com. 

To search Magellan's Travel Supplies, enter one or more key wordsNo-Jet-Lag works here:


Maps.com has over 3,500 maps.  Maps.com Featuring over 3,500 maps, including travel maps, folded maps, wall maps, atlases, driving directions, address finder, and even digital maps for web and desktop publishing World Map resource for both political and geographic maps

  Travel Guides to the World Hunter Publishing began as a publisher of guides to unusual destinations, places for which little in-depth information was available. Today, the aim of providing readers with unusual travel books persists, but Hunter has also expanded its horizons and now produces a comprehensive range of travel guides

Equip yourself with the right travel gear. letravelstore.com
Travel gear for independent travelers including all products by Eagle Creek -- rolling luggage, travel packs, wheeled duffles, day travel bags, briefcases, courier bags, money belts, travel pillows and more. Plus all books by Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and Rick Steves.

  Life's A Trip lifesaTrip.com guide books, T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, carryons, totes, backpacks, garment bags, rolling duffels and more. It's so simple and it's fun! 



The BookWire Index: Travel Booksellers 
Directory of travel bookstores in the US with sites on the Web, compiled by the American Booksellers Association.

   E Centives Travel Supplies is just a small part of the shopping experience featuring prizes and instant rebates  

  Batteries, PDA's, Laptops, 7,000 products ready for overnight delivery


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  Banner 2 Visit Mobile911.com!
  Multi Cultural Greetings    

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