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WorldChoiceTravel or USAHotels Since our birth April 1, 1996 has been committed to bringing you a choice of travel options which represent good value offered by reputable travel specialists. WorldChoiceTravel or USAHotels has recently been rated the #1 Travel service by Gomez Advisors Their strong commitment to making you loyal travel shopper as well as a many features beginning with same 53,000 hotels TravelNow once offered from the Sabre and Pegusus databases. As of March 13, 2001 TSI the world's largest cruise distributor has acquired WorldChoice. We believe this will be a good thing for all concerned more .... 

  Expedia is fast and can be the last to have available rooms on sold out dates at marked up prices. Their brand is known throughout the world which can be helpful if you did not get what your purchased. For example the pool is out of commission but the hotel operator has a better property with a pool.  Expedia Special Rate hotels offer discounted rates for over 1,800 hotels in over 250 destinations and a low price guarantee Expedia Hotels at Epinions

The Online Reservation System with a Difference HotelQuest is a real time reservations network of thousands of hotels that provide discount rates. The inventory is controlled directly by managers in each hotel.

Hotels at  
Major overhaul debuted a winning feature search engine and 50K+ properties in 2001. Still needs more maps, pics and hotel hype to be first tier but does have some good deals and is fast. Try Booking a Room now 

   HotelDiscounts.netHRN or HotelDiscounts || at Eopinions
Good values and well crafted hotel pages has made HRN a familiar ad at major travel sites and a leading web hotel marketer  for US Cities and a growing list of European Cities. They do charge your credit card right away. 


Accommodation Search Engine part of
 Over 155,000 registered accommodations from 5* luxury hotels to beach huts in 220 countries worldwide makes this the web's largest hotel database.
 Two very cool tools
Selecting just the country results in a list of Cities to select from which seems basic but is rarely found just yet on the web. Second you can peruse multiple web sites including the properties own . The distance from City center seems to be missing on many or in the works when we tested it but is also a key tool.  This is one of the web's best hotel research tools. Most properties featured seemed to come from the 35,000 Pegusas data base with the same data becoming familiar as served up by TravelNow, PlacesToStay,,  Small hotel favorite Inntopia is here as well. While best deals are likely found elsewhere this is currently a premier tool for searching for accommodation options farther afield and quite helpful whether your searching for a bargain or planning a dream vacation.
  It is free to register an accommodation with and/or create a free web page for your hotel property. 

Your Guide  Hotels/Resorts/Inns 
Jana Jones at

  Hotel Chains  

 Even more than airlines, you will get the highest quoted rate when you call a hotel's central toll-free phone number

Carnaval.Com Hotwire (Hotels)  (Major US Cities) 
Flexibility is the key to getting these great deals from major hotels who will not disclose their name till you've agreed to the deal

Check these Site for Special DEALS
  Crowne Plaza  | | DoubleTree ||  | | Holiday Inn  | | Inter-Conti  | |Leading Hotels of the World Marriott | | Preferred Hotels  | |  ||  | |  | | Wyndham

  The Rest || at Epinions
The same 60,000 hotels you will find elsewhere but with the best set icons for fast feature surfing fast too


Maps make searching for your city easy If you match you can find  especially good deals

 Search Hotels at TravelNow ||  
Fallen favorite since takeover by HRN Reservations. CombiningHotel Data provided by Pegasus Systems Pegasus & Sabre gives them over 50,000 properties but no longer get to search with handy frames or distance from City Center and The pioneering site has continued to change often in 2001 so be interesting to see where settles down but looks more & more like HRN or discount reservations all the time.|| English  || German  || Italian  || Spanish ||  French  || Japanese: at Epinions
One of the  largest hotel directory on the Internet often with information not available elsewhere added by an inn keeper or guest.  Check for in house specials, find the elusive hotel contact info here also nice job on foreign languages. Swiss detail and a long overdue  interface overhaul. Slow system scheduled to run in house come mid 2001 


Reserve a Hotel Room on Travelocity.comLook for your room at Travelocity   Pegusus/Sabre Requires log-in. Travelocity Hotels at Epinions
 #1 travel site on the web by American Airlines Sabre || Travelscape at Epinions
Check for a special deal if you have the time

PlacesToStay.Com at Epinions Maps and upfront pricing make checking out limited available hotels fast. Most countries represented. No contact info though
PTS a Francaise
||  PTS auf Deutsch || Hot Deals!  || United States || Canada || Mexico || Bahamas & Caribbean || Central and South America || Europe || The Middle East || Asia || Africa || Australia and South Pacific || Search for Ski & Mountain Resorts || American Accommodatins Network 
Easy and Fast to get a quote for a few dozen USA Cities. Limited number of hotels too

  Bed & Breakfasts & Inns

Your GuideBed & Breakfasts at  
A value added guide like us except far more extensive with annoying pop-up ads. Hurry back 
Search for Bed & Breakfasta by Places To Stay  ||  at Eopinions || at Eopinions
Over 20,000 listings by and PlacesToStay. Nice visuals inc Country Map. Price info early. Links sometimes included. Fast Search by City often difficult. No search for available nights


Lanier Publishing features over 70,000 accommodations listings in multi-field searchable databases including 27,000 B&B's Includes external links and generous amount of initial option data Booking where available is through


  Inntopia at Eopinions
Bringing the net to smaller properties promoting an open standard while building a huge easily searchable database of some of the planet's most fascinating places to stay.


Bed & Breakfast Inns ONLINE 
All 50 states and most Provinces of Canada. Just a handful for the rest of North America--the Caribbean and Mexico 
One of the largest collections of B&B's with traveler info too. 


International Bed and Breakfast Pages
for B&Bs, inns, and small hotels around the world. using systran  
5000 inns worldwide with links & e-mail and comprehensive date sheet 
Includes Mexico and Caribbean no hot links,   
Over 850 global listings, mostly USA, many direct links to web sites
Global includes just name & phone # for many

 Home Exchange
    [F] Home Exchange  
Trading Homes - the fastest growing segment of the travel market.

   Home Rentals Timeshares & Condos
    [F] Home Vacation Rentals  (TIMESHARES & CONDOS)
 Very Cheap: Hostels & Beyond
  Remember: The travel industry consists of perishable products and knowledgeable last minute timing can often turn the tables around 
 Room / Resort Auctions at Vacation Auction: find deals on vacation stays worldwide.

A growing phenom to follow 


Bid for vaction Bid4vacations while the inventory has continued to expand the minimums bids have continued to rise. There's some great vacation ideas here but little for less than a minimum of US $100 per night

For Last-Minute Deals on Travel!  11th hour vacations
Help keep occupancy rates optimal and get yourself a dream vacation including the air. Lots deals available well in advance too.

Some amazing travel deals particularly cruises and more exotic cities

Luxury Link  
from elite hotels to yacht like cruise lines your chance to join the 'champagne and caviar dreams' set on your own terms
Auctions specialist  including BEST SHOT where you  may ONLY BID ONCE and if accepted the bid is binding 

The Rest

Click here for your favorite eBay items Ebay Worth a look see if its been a while since your last visit 

 The only online auction for great deals on adventure travel.
for intriguing, small resorts and unique vacation properties -- where you set the price.

Yahoo Travel Auctions
good for discount certificates and gear
Travel Auctions at amazon
Get certificate for free air travel if you book a pricey hotel room 

Reverse Auctions

  Expedia has dropped its reverse auction in favor of  Expedia Special RatePriceline

has name your price hotel rooms  (no refunds after bid accepted 
Priceline Hotels at Epinions

  For the option to back out and similar offers use Hotwire

Hotwire (Hotels)  (Major US Cities) 
Flexibility is the key to getting these great deals. The bottom line is that even quality companies have extra goods they can heavily discount every now and then. At Hotwire, the airlines, hotels and rental car companies can offer their best discounts when they don't have to reveal their name to the public

    Switzerland-midClick here for great deals on Delta Vacations


  MEXICO... South of the Border anyone? 
Continental Airlines

Spa Vacations Links by 
It doesn't get better than this

Specialty Room Search - Asia
  [F] ASIA Travel Links  Check for what's new here 
   [F] Africa 


   [F] CARIBBEAN Travel Links  Check for what's new here

 [F] Caribbean Carnivals & I.C.C.A. members 

International Inc.   
Save 20-40% on vacation packages booked with International Vacation . Lots of Hawaii and Mexico options as well

Trinidad & Tobago by


Caribbean Travel by

   [F] EUROPE Travel Links   Check for what's new here

 [F] Foundation European Carnival Cities (FECC) 

The New Way to the Old World  Put a specialist to work for you

  UK & Ireland Guide


London by

  Free entry to over 60 top London attractions!

Free online booking !   


The Francophile's portal offersHave you been to France today? information on all aspects of France and French culture, including Travel, News, Business, Shopping

Latin America
  Rio de Janeiro by
Salvador, Brazil by

Vera Cruz, Mexico by carnaval.comYour Guide

Mexico Travel by aboutYour Guide

South America by about  
  [F] BRAZIL Travel Options  ||  [F] Places to Stay 

 [F] Cuba Travel Tools 

 [F] Latin American Carnival Cities 

North America
  New Orleans by

San Francisco by
Toronto by

New York   by

 [F] Miami 

 [F] Left Coast USA-San Diego, L.A. and Seattle 

 Opinions at Epinions || || ||Expedia Hotels || || || || ||Priceline Hotels || ||Travelocity Hotels ||Travelscape || Hotels ||||

AOL Travel Main Traveler's Opinions

African American Culture by


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