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Imagine the daunting task of searching more than 80 million airfares that are changing almost daily. Also the great deals more
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Computerized Reservation Systems (CRS)
If you run into steep pricing quotes when shopping for airline tickets, do not despair, You Always Have Other Options. Here's our recommended procedures and web CRS tips & tricks to get you there for less than the rest on your plane.
  • 1) Check different times, then nearby dates, then nearby airports.
     [F] Airport Codes & their Cities  make notes of all the possible airports and 3-letter codes for the most accurate and hassle free searching.
  • 2) Look for which airlines are serving your destination and check the site for specials/ promotions for these destinations.  Expedia as well as Travelocity have more of this type of information than any other sites. Having low print cost per page (spelled HP laser printer) can help keep information overload under control.
  • 3)  If you have been able to identify seats on your flight that sold at a great promotional price but are no longer available then save that information for calling the airline later.  Identifying the lowest cost seats sold on your flight can result in better bargain shopping service from your airline reservation agent.
  • 4) Go visit the other CRS sites. There is a growing difference even among the same systems because there is an increasing number of separately negotiated marketing arrangements to favor certain choice selections in the top spots and other promotions. We recommend you give consumer oriented a whirl 
  • 5) Surf the airline web site. There's lots of internet specials these days. If you don't see your rate try calling them especially if you have information or codes for the lowest rate available on the flight which will trigger a true lowest price search for you. 
     [F] Airline & Airport Web Site DIRECTORIES 
    Arranged in our best and then the rest format with 800 numbers too
  • 6) Try an auction site or visit your travel agent If your trip has multiple legs a mistake can be very problematic and expensive to correct, use a travel agent. If you're flying a busy corridor then your chances of getting a match at a reverse auction site are good.
Travel Sites Most Popular & Full Featured
Flight Wizard 
  AIR Fare Compare  


Room Bid 

CAR Wizard l l Maps
EXPEDIA: The #2 travel site and the fastest most useful trip planning tool on the internet. The airfare screens contain some of the best options available for augmenting your best available deal search. They don't send you junk e-mail unless you request it. Still the most empowering part is being able to not log-in and immediately get the information you request. Take the time to know your options here. 
Owned 85% by Microsoft, Expedia is the major player most capable of restoring a normal supply and demand market to airfares. However do not be lulled into a false sense of complacency, all the CRS systems are now constantly being manipulated by side deals to favor certain sellers with first screen placement. They also have a priceline style reverse option for hotel rooms as well as airfare. 
button  WorldChoiceTravel or USAHotels
 WorldChoiceTravel log-in required for flights  recently been rated the #1 Travel service by Gomez Advisors
March of 2001 TSI a major travel vendor for Europe & cruise lines and the owner of,, AutoEurope, acquired WorldChoice. Watch our #1 travel partner grow in the year's ahead to provide you " the best deal" that combination of service and value that makes you a loyal satisfied customer
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Make Airline Reservations and Purchase Tickets Securely over 400 airlines.
Reserve a Rent a Car Securely 50 rental car companies.
Reserve a Hotel Room Securely over 47,000 hotel properties
Book Train Reservations and Purchase Tickets SecurelyBook a train on VIA Rail Canada.
Check here for the latest fare sales,special offers and travel newsDeals & News. The latest on fares sales and other news from the world of travel.
Requires Log-in with password and searches wider range of times and dates to find best prices between two USA airports
The largest web booker of travel services with total 2000 sales of $2.0 billion  ( up from 1999 sales of $1.2 billion) Much of the growth came from the March 2000 merger with #3 Preview Travel, Inc. is  owned primarily by the #1 CRS or Sabre / American Airlines which may indicate lowest prices may not be its priority. 

Southwest USA only Check for a special
Your fortunate if your USA airport is served by Southwest whose standard low fares are then matched by big carriers. Popular Frequent Flyer program. Tickets only available through their website following brief association with Travelocity in 2000. The USA has been unable to grow a similar discount airline for three decades now

 Business Travel

OAG || || 2000 Reader Poll Results.|| the world's leading independent provider of travel information products and services

Your GuideBusiness Travel Tip by Sarah Cusick at about 
Find 30 plus topics discussed from complaining to getting the kind of service you deserve 
Oracle, the world's 2nd largest software company plans to book a 1,000,000 tickets in 2001 in its 2nd year on the web, We rate e-business.    This section has everything you will need to plan your next getaway infotec-travel List of Links  

 The Rest

mostly specializes in advertising its low price guarantee on some pretty ordinary pricing for hotel rooms but does have a full CRS system to take a go.

Guaranteed lowest published fare price or double the difference, System One is the most popular CRS because it is #1 with  with travel agencies and includes the most flight data. Requires log-in.  
Since 1996, Search over 500 airlines (including over 1.3 million discount airfares. Travel Information Services (Travelocity-Sabre)
Sign up to enjoy their fare tracking service which will e-mail you or your pager with time sensitive rates meeting your criteria. 
Travel || tricks || Secrets 
Searches the tiss data base and we liked their interface better. Log on quickly as guest. Discount Travel Magazine -- Online
Snooze You Lose fares, Internet offers, late-breaking travel news, and much more. Become a subscriber to get full content.
Itinerary available on-line  by.Sabre
the leading CRN airline database.

  Savvy Shopping Tips
 Imagine the daunting task of searching more than 80 million airfares that are changing almost daily. Also the great deals are fleeting capable of expiring suddenly. it has been this way for too long now but the web is changing the game dramatically. With persistence and savvy you can achieve dramatic savings or enhancements for little if any extra cost except your time.  We like to remind you, that on the web: "You Always Have Other Options" and we detail them here. 
Airlines are not happy about these changes and have increasingly added incentives for traveler to visit their web sites. 
"Airfares are an intrinsically complex system, and much of that system is deliberately obscure...The worst place to buy your ticket, if you care about price, is directly from an airline"
  Edward Hasbrouck   author of "The Practical Nomad:  on

  "You'll get the best price if you shop around, but remember that rating an around the world itinerary can take an hour of work (for which the agent is paid nothing if you end up getting the ticket elsewhere). So don't be surprised that the fare isn't in the computer and can't be given off the top of the agent's head; the agent will give only a very rough estimate of the fare unless you make clear that you are really serious about getting the ticket from that agency if the price is right.

Bucket shops serve a limited and specialized subset of the air ticket market, and are mostly concentrated in a few world cities. The best places to find them are London and San Francisco; other places with many are Penang and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Bangkok, and Athens. It's worth looking far afield to find a good bucket shop -- the overwhelming majority of travel agents don't even try to compete with bucket shop fares. For that matter, most agents couldn't construct the sorts of routings the better bucket shops specialize in (especially customized around-the-world itineraries) at any price.

OnLine Travel Market




On-Line Travel - 320 pages (Mar 2001) Avalon Travel Publishing; ISBN: 1566912504




Paperback at Amazon
- 560 pages 2nd edition (Sept, 2000)
Avalon Travel Publishing; 

 Discount Air / Consolidators

Consolidators means too many different things. Here's a periodically updated article by Edward Hasbrouck on the subject and a word of caution from the BBB Find still more on this popular subject at the Rectravel FAQ's Discounted International Airline Tickets
Air Ticket Farebeater (Amadeus CRS)l l
Book a Room
l l  Car Rental l l 

Named PC Computing's #1 Bargain Travel Site,  Hype only takes you so far when price is the name of the game and these guys can often win your shopping competition for airfare. Fast feature search for their 50,000 hotel listings. Don't bother with their car engine, others are much more reliable. 

Book online with Economy Travel! (WorldSpan CRS) No log-in to search 
The first screen lists lowest offered which can be helpful airline info then it can take a while for "available" but the results can indeed yield your best deal.  In association with TravelSelect. "As one of the largest international ticket agencies, we can offer savings between 10-40% off of published fares on 24 major airlines. Our consolidator fares do not appear on airline web sites or reservation systems, only here! "


logoetn2.gif (1865 bytes) || SiteMap  || Founder Ad Latjes, discount travel pioneer
Get your FREE Airfare & Cruise Quotes from discount Travel specialists.  Your request will result in at least one hard to beat rate sent by e-mail within 24 hours. ETN is a huge sprawling sight with a power to the consumer subtext. 

  Comparison Air fare search engines
Arriving in 2000, better late than never. While the huge different rates turned up would seem to be the killer app for a comparison search engines we have found them of  marginal value being both slow and not as dedicated to lowest possible as one would hope. Comparsion Seach AirFare Engine 
Integrating many travel sites into one. Best results for us 
Check if their out of beta recommended by smarter living and claiming comprehensiveness 
the first comparison search engine with an aggressive install that calls itself up whenever you search air sites slowing your search for often a null search.   
Seems to favor TravelNow's rather hohum fares 

  Air Courier 
Offers last minute specials in addition to the special deals attached to some minor extra responsibility

Dirt Cheap "Frommer's Pick for Top Courier Company is the Air Courier Association aka

 European Specialists

London: one of our 9 Carnaval Global Cities is also the great airport hub for Europe. The stars of the show are three very low cost airlines , RYANAIR and venerable British Airways As well as the hub for OAR's Airline of 2001

 [F] EUROPE Travel Links  
 [F] Travel Sites APPROVED by which web? EU supported || Airline Maps
$99 between anywhere in Europe The $99 FlightPass covers 150 cities in 30 European countries or unlimited flights in 15 days for $699 Must purchase coupons outside of Europe

   Latin American Specialists

Donde vives?

 [F] BRAZIL Travel Links Your Guide

South America for Visitors at about by Bonnie

Mexico & Central America for Visitors at About
with Jody Miller.

 Caribbean & Elsewhere
  [F] Caribbean Travel Links 

 [F] More Specials inc. Travel Agent Offers  Your Guide

  Caribbean for Visitors by about with William Todd

Requires up front log-in but the pricing is often the best you will find due to exclusive deals with airlines, discount airlines not in other databases and an emphasis of serving up the best price regardless of its availability

Yahoo! Travel
Yahoo is packed with travel information for you. book mark (Ctrl-D) us in case you get lost USA
Discounted best quote guarantee for USAIR 800-428-4322 || AMERICAN 800-433-7300 || UNITED 800-241-6522 || CONTINENTAL 800-525-0280 || NW 800-225-2525
DL 800-221-1212 Call them reserve your rate & then give em a shot at saving you money
Amazing Low USA
Lots of excellent prices for domestic USA travel. Easy Look up in table and then call them to book 77 of 168 hours in the week.

  [F] Student Travel 
Visit our visually enhanced interactive listings in aforum
  Around the World Air Tickets  
Our founder stumbled onto creating the bargain, around the world airfare and will use all our resources to get you the absolute lowest price!
|| current specials
featuring " the most advanced multi-stop trip building tool on the Internet "
Also Pacific Rim Loops


One of the web's most popular activities and a growing sector.
If you're getting too spread out consider using to"Buy anywhere Sell anywhere" 

Travel Auctions at
Lots of available inventory to fly anywhere dirt cheap in return for a high tab on hotel room 


Click here for your favorite eBay items Ebay Most of the airfare requires a minimum hotel booking yet still a wide variety of offerings including very low prices on timeshares you could exchange for a week anywhere in the world an RCI member timeshare resort exists

  Auction - Reverse
  To increase your odds of making a match, try submitting a request between 5%-25% lower than the low current market price for your selected route. Standard taxes, airport and/or passenger fees, and surcharges are included in the price of each roundtrip ticket Flights purchased through Flight Price Matcher may not be eligible for frequent flyer awards, seat upgrades, or other traveler benefits and options

Priceline was the pioneer who created a whole new price point for new air travelers who could not previously afford travel but they are not consumer oriented and their place in e-travel is yet to be determined. This service is great for the 21 days before liftoff when other airline ticket data bases are all rising in unison.  

Banner 10000072No bidding, no moaning, just great deals on airline tickets at Hotwire!within 30 minutes of being offered your flight but still without knowing  specific airline and exact flight times. Thus there's no cost to taking this hot newer service for a spin! || Bid Tips
 To play you must be willing to accept very little service or flexibility. Use them after you know the lowest prices being offered on a popular route and then try 20% to 30% less. 

 The Expedia flight Price Matcher is similar except it will give you the lowest price matching your criteria and not pocket the difference as priceline does. You cannot reject their offer or as they say  you must " be willing to prepay for a nonrefundable, noncancelable, nonchangeable ticket.


  Last minute Discounts

Save on Airfare, Hotels, Car Rentals and more!  Each week a number of major airlines, hotel chains, and car rental companies offer highly-discounted, last-minute rates exclusively on the Internet Smarter Living stores these rates in two large databases and lets you access them for free. updated every Wednesday morning

For Last-Minute Deals on Travel!11th hour vacations
Help keep occupancy rates optimal and get yourself a dream vacation including the air. Lots deals available well in advance too.

  Big Fare Cuts by 
List of all recent 20% fare reductions listed in WorldSpan CRS for frequent flyer

Go to the Site59 Home
specializing in last-minute weekend getaways
Airline Last-Minute Fare Bargains by
Each weekday we publish two new travel deals that you won't want to miss.

  Frequent Flyer Miles

American, Northwest, Southwest, and United programs are strict about their 3 year expiration on your FF miles but consumer advocate Ed Perkins will show how to extend deadlines Don't Lose Any Mileage by Travel   Ed's weekly travel column at Smarter Living tracks new and improved gouges as well as tips and tricks for the savvy. Alas, he says FF miles is about only way for a free upgrade anymore. Ed in Aforum



webflyer.gif (4466 bytes) || FORUM || home page || Top 10 deals || 
The web's Frequent flyer authority on where to earn your miles ||
Lots of camaraderie shared among the intrepid accumulators of frequent flyer miles and points. Get the inside track on the latest greatest deal in their active forum Lots of tools and info Subscribe
FF Quest
accumulate free frequent flyer miles on-line by Sandy

   [F] Airline & Airport Web Site DIRECTORIES 

OAGOAG Airline of the Year Awards. || Awards Summary
A celebration of the very best in global air travel, publicly recognizing the highest standards within the industry. Voted for by a worldwide audience of business travelers - subscribers to OAG print and electronic travel information products.

List of Low Cost Airlines by
At least 75% of the fares must be reserved at low cost rates  

Rules of the Air by Airline from
What happens if your airline...?

   [F] Airline & Airport Web Site DIRECTORIES 
    [F] Airport Codes & their Cities 

Airports by  
Big list of official airports

Airport Codes by 
Order Limousine Airport pick up for North America & Canada. No reg. for up to 5 bids
Best Way Downtown for 100 Airports by concierge 

  Lots of LinksOfficial FAA Web Site Links:

Open Directory ProjectTravel:   

FAA U.S. International Airports (79) || (26) |||| U.S. Based Airlines (46) || Non-U.S. Based Airlines || Organizations Industry Associations || Education
Aviation industry web directory. You can "still" add your link for free. Very well organized with thousands of listings || Submit Your URL (ITN-Galileo Apollo)
Book on 500 airlines, 33,000 hotels, and 50 rental car companies worldwide

Aviation Safety Data
Federal Aviation Administrationís  official repository of USA aviation accident data and causal factors updated monthly All the databases are searchable no ratings or other analysis aids for the thousands of reports however. Great links pages 

Up to the minute reports with fotos

  Arrivals & Departures
 by flyteComm
Same tracker as above.  Quick & easy with airline &  flight number
ITN Flight Checker through ticketplanet 

  Luggage (877) 235-5467 Review  Aug-2000
Have you bags picked up and waiting for you at your next destination  
Let the go-light guru show you how to just take a carry-on.

Before traveling abroad, make two copies of the identification page one to take with you and one for someone to look up at home should an unfortunate situation arise... Traveling with kids may require notarized documentation when not with both birth parents... Beware of getting a 90 day visa more than 90 days before departure... Remember the credit card you booked may be required by the airline.   [F] Visa- Passport: Requirements & Expediting (Pets too) 
Its all here without much search effort. Don't put off travel docs and services are cheap if you don't have the time or patience 
 [F] Passport Services (mostly for USA & UK ) 
Visually referenced in our best then the rest format.

This is our. Packed with fast facts on everything you need to know before you go including visa, health airport and weather ||   Expedite U.S. passports  
Research their comprehensive and well written requirements for most countries. TDS offers visa services for U.S. citizens for most countries.
USA's Bureau of Consular Affairs Foreign Entry Requirements for US citizens as of March 1999 
Applying for Your U.S. Passport the Easy Way
|| More gov travel publications

U.S. State Department.  || Passport Services || Consular Affairs || State Department || Passport Applications || Passport Fees

  Travel Insurance
  There are many offerings with no market leader. We suggest you try our comparison shopping service
 [F] Travel INSURANCE   
list of vendors w/ graphics Search Engine
   Here's a full plate of expertise
  Consumer Rights

 "in the airline industry, the "invisible hand" of the free market just doesn't seem up to the task of aligning carriers' behavior with consumers' needs"   Tim Winship frequent flyer authority at Get and update on the lack of progress the 1999 US Congress made on addressing lack of consumer protections for frequent flyers.


Alitalia Sucks | Northworst | Untied Satisfaction | Ticked | Consumer Gripes | | Epinions Complain to Gov't | OIG | 1 travel
Travel Complaints | SkyGuide ||  | Unclaimed Baggage EComplaints || My Travel Rights

 links by

 [F] Fallen Favorites you may be looking for
We want you to trust our picks which means keeping track of the ones not satisfying traveler expectations.

An easy and free way to file complaints:,
Dept.of Transportation's  Consumer Protection program 

 [F] Air Travel Reform 
 [F] Booking tricks to fight monopoly airline pricing 
The double round trip booking and the uncompleted 2nd leg [F] Avoiding Travel Fraud 
1) recommendation 2) in writing 3) partial credit card.

  At your Carnaval-dot-Com we promote you  finding value in experience, not possessions.

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